A strange lesson

Sometimes something which appears ordinary is not so ordinary after all. I learned this recently when I had to buy a magazine. Now I have thousands of magic magazines in my library, but buying mainstream magazines is not something I have a lot of experience. I'm used to being able to get all of my news and current events through the interwebs. I probably haven't bought a normal human magazine in over a decade. But all that changed when I discovered that my favourite evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, had agreed to do a rather unusual interview for a mainstream magazine. I thought at first this would be easy, since Indigo Books & Music always has a giant magazine section. Unfortunately, it seems that doesn't include Playboy. So for the first time in my life, I was forced to learn, not only how to buy pornography in print, but pornography in print with women in it... Who knew?

Of course I succeeded and the interview was delightful, as you can see below.

Photo by Matt DiSero